Some general tips that I hope will help


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    Some general tips that I hope will help

    Post by ian_catto on Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:11 pm

    Personally, I haven't done well with referrals, but don't discount the tips based on that.

    1. Take pictures, and screenshots, of everything. Big swagbucks wins, when you get prizes, when you get an item from amazon, etc. Put your referral on the image itself, so it can't be used by somebody else without your permission ( *username*). Put them all online somewhere like imageshack.

    2. Talk to your friends, family, classmates, etc. fairly obvious, and easy to do, but even then you might have trouble getting them to believe it's only a few minutes a day, and really is free. Once you've got some nice prizes, this will be a lot easier.

    3. Online. Start a blog. Write a very detailed blog about swagbucks, and what you've won so far. (include your links) Update it every do or so with random stuff. If you've got a specific interest, you can give your blog a theme, like movies or books. Do a review of them. It can be anything, the important thing is to update it, and make sure the swagbucks post is easy to get to. Mention any big wins, and whenever you redeem points, and refer back to your swagbucks post.

    4. Online again. Start a website. Even if you just review swagbucks and put your links and pictures on it, you now have a website to direct people to. Now any site that asks for a homepage, you can use to your advantage.

    5. Online. If you're a member of message boards, forums, etc. Add a line in your signature about Swagbucks. It can either be your referral link, or the last prize you've won. Make it sound interesting, and try to use it to get people to visit your homepage, or ask you about it. Remember DO NOT SPAM. This will get your account removed, and annoy people. A little line in your signature goes a lot further than a spam post.

    6. Real life. Don't forget that behind every computer sits a person. Make good looking fliers with a short description of Swagbucks, and cut-off portions on the bottom with your referral link, website, and image link (for proof). Put these fliers up on public boards, like grocery stores. Don't spam, and show respect with them, and they will be more likely to stay up, and looked at.

    7. Real life cont. Business cards. Swagbucks offers business cards, but you can also search online, and find places that will do a basic black and white for $5-$15, for 250 cards. Put your 2 links on them, along with an email address (I would suggest opening a new one for this purpose). Give them away, put them in public places, leave them in library books, etc.

    That's all I can remember for now, I hope it helps somebody!

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