E-Gift Cards/Certificates


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    E-Gift Cards/Certificates

    Post by Beastinonyou on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:24 pm

    On swagbucks, im currently debating whether to save my SB for a $5 amazon.ca gift certificate costing 450SB, or $5 gift card for Paypal which costs 700 SB.

    My question is, when u get the gift card/cert, can you add those funds into the account and save it up just like you're putting cash on it, or can u only use the code at the checkout to get a $5 discount.. because if i can get multiple $5 for amazon.ca and save up for some ps3 games like CoD BO or LBP2.. it'd be nice to stack them like that..

    however, the $5 for Paypal goes into the funds anyway, but it costs an extra 250 SB and it'd be easier to stack $5 on amazon.ca than paypal..

    has any1 gotten $5 gift card/cert for amazon.ca and used the code to get the $5, and not just bascially for a discount? Question

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