"Pre Approved" survey notification BS


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    "Pre Approved" survey notification BS

    Post by floragirl on Tue May 21, 2013 12:57 pm

    This is getting annoying as he!!. I get a notification that I'm "pre-approved" for some survey that pays mega swagbucks (today it was 45) and when I get there, I get some pre-qualifying page and am immediately disqualified. This has happened over 10 times now, and I'm not even opening those emails anymore, in fact, I just unsubscribed from ALL swagbucks emails. I now understand why people say not to bother with Swagbucks.

    Can someone on staff please explain WHY YOU KEEP DOING THIS? Do these clients just get paid every time someone visits their survey, even if they don't qualify? This is ABSURD!

    ETA: After doing research I found that these are all just scams to gather your information. I won't fall for this again. Too bad swagbucks allows this.

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